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Opening your Door to a New World

New to meditation? Not sure where to start? Have trouble just sitting and “doing nothing”? Guided meditation is a great place to begin.

Often accompanied by music, guided meditation takes you on a journey. Those journeys will differ widely. It might be a journey of breath, where you are directed when and how to breathe in and to breathe out. The flow of breathing relaxes you and allows your journey to flow further into relaxation or to travel in your imagination. You may be ushered through relaxing every part of your body, from your toes to your head. In this relaxed state, such mediation may then take you to a beautiful place, be it a garden, a magical forest or a beach. Visual images and feelings will be invoked as part of the meditation. The whole idea is to reach a calm, relaxed state of connectedness and oneness. You might be guided into a place where you can receive answers to your questions. Each guided meditation is different.

One of the fabulous things about living in this time and space is the internet. If you want to experience guided meditation, then just do a search for it, and you will find numerous different free guided meditations for you to explore. There are guided stories, mixes of music, relaxation and journeys of the consciousness, and guided hypnotic meditations as well. A garden of possibilities awaits you with just one search.

This is a way to allow our minds to expand and problem solve, look around corners around which we could not ordinarily see. In the guided meditations, our boundaries and limitations are momentarily eliminated. They allow us to enhance our intuitive awareness, access the wealth of the sub-conscious and otherwise go beyond the limitations of our day to day world. Guided meditations have been used successfully with children, especially problem children who have trouble focusing and relaxing. Once the children learn to follow the meditations, their work improves and so too does their ability to think through problems and focus long enough to find solutions. The experience of guided mediations can truly open the door of our minds to a new world.

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