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The ABCs of Homeopathy

What is ABC Homeopathy? It is defined as:
A alternative medicine effectiveness
B best medicine
C classic homeopathy

Alternative types of treatment are generally not acknowledged and covered by conventional medicine. It is often even considered quackery. In general, this is because alternative medicine is based on method or practice and conventional medicine is based on predetermined effectiveness.

ABC Homeopathy is mostly alternative medicine because it works with infinite small dilutions to treat illnesses and diseases. For some skeptics, the ABC Homeopathy treatment is hard to accept.

ABC Homeopathy principles can be extracted from nature and those principles are still considered best practice. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of ABC homeopathy medicine, created the following principles, often adapted for schools and other institutions that teach classical homeopathy:

1. If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in diseases. (knowledge of disease, indication)
2. If he clearly perceives what is curative in medicines (knowledge of medical powers)
3. If he knows how to adapt according to clearly defined principles and find the most appropriate medicine (choice of the remedy, the medicine indicated)
4. Also in respect to the exact mode of preparation and quantity needed (proper dose)
5. And the proper period of repeating the dose
6. If he knows the obstacles to recovery in each case and is aware how to remove them so that the restoration may be permanent

Classic homeopathy is based on five principles: Similarity, Homeopathic dilutions, Miasms, Totality Symptoms and Strange, Rare and Peculiar Symptoms.

Similarity In the homeopathic treatment, a remedy must be found which produces in healthy people the symptoms it can cure with diseased people. The difficulty for the homeopath practitioner is finding the right remedy. Unlike conventional medicines, the remedy fits the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Homeopathic Dilutions All natural medicines, derived from mineral, plant and other natural substances. The preparation is repeatedly diluted and shaken numerous times. This process increases the stimulation of the body’s own immune system and enables the effect in a much deeper way.

Miasms The source of chronic diseases. A chronic miasm, left unchecked, increases and grows worse causing aggravated sufferings. According to Hahnemann there are three miasms: psora, sycosis, and syphilis. Later Homeopaths added the Tubercular, Cancer and Aids.

Totality symptoms all symptoms must be considered when treating a patient. A homeopathic practitioner will study the patients physical, mental and emotional health and recommend a remedy based on his/her findings. By dealing with roots causes, rather than symptoms, and finding the appropriate remedy, the disease/illness will lessen and eventually dissipate.

Strange, rare and peculiar symptoms When searching for a specific homeopathic remedy, the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar characteristics and symptoms of the case are to be kept in clear view. This will make sure the remedy is most suitable for bringing the cure.

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