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Acupuncture Meridians in the Human Body

There are 12 standard meridians and 8 extra meridians in human body according to ancient Chinese medical principles. Acupuncture meridians are the main doorways of human body that provide bio energy flow along the body.

Acupuncture meridians will be given pressure by a fine, sterilized needle so that it will prompt the body’s power to heal. Several diseases have been cured by Acupuncture. It is a best alternative to modern medication. It has proved benefits and it is one of the ancient medication therapies in the world. It has been used for more than 4000 years. Nowadays it is becoming quite famous.

Lung meridian: The lung meridian has 11 acupuncture points. Respiratory diseases like common cold, cough, Asthma, respiratory failure, Tonsillitis etc can be cured by giving pressure in these points. The Chinese names for these points are rearranged with English alphabets and numbers so that one can remember easily. LU is the standard name for specifying these points.

Large intestine meridian: Acupuncture meridian for large intestine has 20 points. Body pain, joint pain, sore throat etc can be cured by giving treatment in these points. Prompting these points with needle will help a person to recover form coma also. These points are specified as L1, L2 and so on.

Stomach meridian: The stomach meridian has 45 points and this is the second largest meridian in human body. Paralysis, Anorexia, diarrhea, rheumatism, dysentery, abdominal pain etc can be cured with the help of these meridian points. These points are described by the alphabets ST.

Spleen meridian: The spleen meridian has 21 points. Intestinal paralysis, dysentery, hernia, constipation, dysentery etc can be cured by giving needle pressure in these points. They are described as SP1, Sp 2 etc.

Heart meridian: Acupuncture meridians for heart have 9 points. The pressure given in these
Points will offer relief from shoulder pain, arm pain, hysteria, insomnia and sleeping disorders. H is the alphabet used to specify these meridians.

Small intestine meridian: Small intestine meridian has 19 points. Joint pains, tooth ache, neck pain, facial paralysis etc can be cured by giving treatment in these points. S is used to describe these meridians.

Urinary bladder meridian: This meridian has 67 points. This is the largest and important meridian in human body. Treatment in these points will cure more diseases form head to bottom. Head ache, retention of urine, constipation, dysentery, paralysis, falling of hair, skin diseases etc can be cured with the help of these meridian points. The points are described as BL.

Kidney meridian: This meridian has 27 points. These points help in curing hernia, hysteria, swelling of testes, menstrual problems, uterine bleeding, constipation etc. they are marked with the letter K.

Pericardium meridian: This meridian has 9 points. Insomnia, joint pain, neck pain, malaria etc will be cured by treating these points with needle. PC is the code for representing these points.

Gall bladder meridian: This meridian has 44 acupuncture points. Epilepsy, menstrual problems, back pain etc will be cured by giving pressure in these points. GB is used to represent these points.

Liver meridian: Liver meridian has 14 points. They help in curing urine problems, male infertility, pain in knee joints etc. The letters LI is used in specifying these points.

Acupuncture meridians are said to be the channels of human body and thus slight, tolerable needle pressure in these channels will help in curing number of disease.

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