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Acupuncture Point: The Right Place Matters

An acupuncture point is the location on the body that is targeted by the acupuncturist. In this Chinese medicine and alternative treatment, tiny needles are placed into the skin at these points. In doing so, it is believed that they can restore the normal flow of qi, or the energy force within the body to its normal state. When that happens, the body can heal and overcome the ailments that it is currently facing.
The term for an acupuncture point is acupoints. It can also be used in similar, though different types of acupuncture including acupressure, sonopuncture, and laser treatments that are now available. In the study of acupuncture, it is believed that the body is connected through various points. These connected points are referred to as meridians. Each meridian can be targeted to a specific organ or area of the body. Other acupuncture point locations are found throughout the body that is not connected to meridians.
When you visit an acupuncturist, or a professional who performs this type of alternative treatment, the first step is to assess your condition by giving you a thorough exam. During this process, they will determine where the potential problems are. Based on their study of your body as well as the specifics of this type of treatment, they can determine the best acupuncture point or points to place needles. In this treatment, needles are placed on the appropriate meridian to trigger the specific condition needing to be treated. In most cases, several locations will be targeted at one time.
An acupuncturist will know the proper acupuncture point based on his or her experience as well as training in this treatment. The locations of these treatments are done the same from one person to the next.
There are also various categories of points throughout the body. For example, there are the Five Transporting acupuncture points. In this category, the qi flows much like a river through the body. In this method, there are several types of treatment administered, each associated with these points. The five methods are called Jing well, Ying spring, Shu stream, Jing River and He sea.
When you visit an acupuncture location, take notice of any charts that they may have on the walls. These are a great reference to learn where the best acupuncture point to treat your condition is located. Yet, also realize that only after the acupuncturist performs an assessment of the body can he assign the proper treatment. You can often ask questions to learn why one area is located over the others.

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