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Understanding Acupuncture Points

Before you begin any acupuncture, you need to know the location of acupuncture points and understand the functions they serve. In short, acupuncture points or acupoints as they are also-called are body locations that are the focus of acupuncture treatments. You will find several hundred acupuncture points within connected points across the body. These areas are called meridian and affect specific organs or other parts of the human body. In addition you will find many other areas that include points not connected to any specific meridian. The majority of current research into locations of acupuncture points is being conducted in China using methods based on theory that existed before any scientific methods were developed. These theories have been criticized because of their lack of scientifically based thought processes.

The theory behind choosing acupuncture points may be confusing to those who are new to the treatment because of the fact these acupoints may not be in the area where the symptoms are occurring. The theory within Traditional Chinese medicine is to choose points through stimulation of the meridian system to bring relief. This needs balancing yin, yang and qi, a theory that does not exist within traditional Western medicine. The location of acupuncture points is based upon anatomical landmarks that the practitioner can touch or feel. The World Health Organization recognizes almost 400 basic acupoints; however, many of these are rarely used while others are of more value in treating health conditions.

Whether scientifically proven in theory or not, acupuncture points are used in the administration of acupuncture and have been for thousands of years. Similarities in the thinking of scientists exist in much the same way they discount natural health remedies. Treatments our grandparents and great grandparents used for years with great success are not dismissed by medical science because it can not be scientifically proven. The fact that modern medicine is now beginning to see the use of chicken soup as having medical benefits shows how ineffective scientific theory can be. Such may be the case with TCM at some point in the future.

Those who choose to try acupuncture should first understand the theory behind using acupuncture points to have a clearer understanding of the procedure. Going to an acupuncture practitioner without having knowledge of the process and theory behind it would be like going to a surgeon and not knowing what is going to happen in the operating room. You need to understand why the practitioner has chosen the specific acupuncture points for your treatment and what you should expect after the treatment is complete. Conduct some research and ask some questions before you agree to any treatment invoked within the field of alternative medicine.

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