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Meditation and Alpha, Theta, and Gamma Brain Waves

There are five different brain waves – beta which we operate in most of the time, alpha which is a much more relaxed state, theta which is an even slower state that is often a product of REM sleep but can also be entered into through tasks that are so automatic they don’t engage our immediate attention such a driving or taking a bath. Delta Brain waves are even slower than theta and our found in deep sleep. Gamma are very fast brain waves that we know the least about.

Gamma seems to be where we knit everything together into a larger picture. While meditation in its various forms usually take the practitioner into either alpha or theta brain waves, it is thought that the jumps of intuition or creative leaps come from moving into gamma brain wave.

For a while now we have known that there is a cross-over state between alpha and theta that seems to be a great source of creativity. Much of the music of Mozart was found to take one to this Alpha-Theta cross-over state of being. In this state one is beginning to access the sub-conscious mind as well as the conscious. There are also energy healing modalities such as Reiki that use alpha brain waves. Music that promotes the alpha state is used in super-learning technologies as well as relaxation and meditation.

In the last 15 years a form of energy healing with Theta Brain waves has also received a lot of publicity. Practitioners are being taught to quickly achieve a meditative Theta Brain wave state while waking, use it to access and make changes in the subconscious. They combine this practice with the of principles of Quantum Physics to achieve amazing results.

There are several ways to achieve these alpha and theta states. One is through music. Sitting quietly and listening to specially prepared music will take you rapidly to an alpha state and to even to a theta state. Those with extensive experience in meditation go to a theta state as do some of the people who have been training in the theta energy healing processes. It is believed that when energy healing occurs in these states what is happening is a moving back and forth between the theta and the gamma state. Whether you wish to do energy healing with your meditation or just to find calm and peace, the alpha – theta state is the one you’ll visit as you relax.

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