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Alternative Herbal Medicine In The Modern World

Alternative herbal medicine is gaining popularity with over 80% of the worlds population choosing to use herbs for some aspect of their primary health care according to the World Health Organization. Alternative medicine relies on more than a regular dosage of prescribed herbs for the treatment to be effective. A positive mental attitude, exercise and a proper diet are all essential components of alternative herbal medicine.

Herbal medicines vs. pharmaceutical medicines

Approximately 80% of the traditional pharmaceutical medications on the market today are based on a major active ingredient that is found naturally in an individual herb. Pharmaceutical medications are typically used to treat one specific illness, which can help save a life in an emergency situation. Herbs on the other hand contain numerous minor ingredients that work in conjunction with their one main ingredient. These minor ingredients help support the function of the main ingredient as well as help it get to all parts of the body as needed. Long term use of alternative herbal medicine should be avoided because it can result in the body becoming immune to the herbs in the same way the body can become immune to pharmaceutical medicines. Once the body becomes immune to either a pharmaceutical or herbal medication it will either lose some of its effectiveness or not work at all. There is also a chance that the herbs could build up in the body, the same way pharmaceutical medications can and cause various side effects. Herbal formulations are different from pharmaceutical medications because they consist of combinations of two or more herbal medicines that work together to solve the complete problem. Alternative medicine centers on healing the mind, body and soul, instead of focusing on healing one major illness like pharmaceutical medicines do. This complete solution is one reason why alternative herbal medicine is rapidly gaining popularity.

Alternative herbal medicine solutions are they right for you?

Even though herbal medicine is gaining popularity today it may not be the right choice for you. The first step in making this decision is to talk to your health care provider. They know your medical history and can advise you on the best solutions. Many traditional health care providers use both alternative and traditional treatments because the role that traditional medicine typically plays is being changed as more people look for a natural approach to healing. In the event your current health care provider does not believe in alternative medicine, it is possible to find a health care provider does. This makes it easier than ever for people who want to use a combination of alternative herbal medicine and prescription drugs to get sound advice from their medical care provider.

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