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What the American Music Therapy Association Does

In creating validity for music therapy, the American Music Therapy Association has quite a job ahead of them. While this organization is comprised of over five thousand licensed and practicing music therapists, getting the word out to the community as a whole has not necessarily been an easy process. But the American Music Therapy Association is doing its part to help let others know the value of music therapy for those patients who may not be responding to conventional therapies.

The main goal of the American Music Therapy Association is to spread the word about the value of music therapy, but also to show that this type of therapy can help those cases where traditional treatments fail. The most current direction for music therapy is actually outside of the therapist’s office and into a rehabilitation facility. By using music, it seems that patients are more motivated to handle physical therapy tasks and goals, while those patients with Alzheimer’s are seeing improvements in their moods and health. Other research is showing that music therapy might be useful in helping those with compromised immune systems.

Located in Maryland, the American Music Therapy Association helps to spread the word by holding annual conferences and maintaining a website that can answer most people’s basic questions about music therapy. Licensed music therapists and other benefactors can also become members of the American Music Therapy Association and help to continue on with the main mission of music therapy. Members are able to access further information on the website, while also being able to take advantage of discounted rates for conferences and classes.

You can also learn about developing a career in music therapy from the American Music Therapy Association. Their website will guide you through the thought process behind this career choice as well as recommend various music therapy programs in the United States. Members will have access to resources that will help prospective students find scholarships and grants as well as to help graduates find jobs in their area.

The American Music Therapy Association is also responsible for maintaining a number of music therapy related publications for professionals and students to read. These include The Journal of Music Therapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, AMTA Member Source-book, Music Therapy Matters, and Music Therapy eNews. These publications offer information on current research as well as perspectives on uses of music therapy for a variety of medical purposes.

With the American Music Therapy Association, more people are learning the benefits of music therapy for their patients or perhaps for their own therapy needs. And that’s music to anyone’s ears.

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