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The Spiritual Aromatherapy Benefit

Because we are affected by aromas around us, it makes perfect sense that aromatherapy oils can influence our thoughts, emotions and our spiritual connections. When undertaking a meditation practice for example, choosing the correct oils can help us to transcend our every day lives and connect with our spiritual self.

This can be termed as a spiritual aromatherapy benefit.

Essential oils have a vibrational note and it is this that we need to consider when choosing the right essential oil for our spiritual journey. It is the pure energy of the oil which can help us to connect with nature, our inner being and become balanced with the universe.

Essential oils can be used for a whole mind, body and spirit approach and as such its a true aromatherapy benefit which can help to eradicate stress, begin a healing process and to help us find our own natural balance in life. Essential oils can bring peace, a sense of enlightenment and helps to purify mind and body quickly and naturally and heightens the sensation of connection with our higher selves.

Select only pure essential oils, these may be a little more expensive but they are worth it as they are not diluted. There are many good books advocating aromatherapy benefit of individual oils and these look at all aspects of harmonious living including health, relaxation and meditation. Read up on the benefits of individual oils and choose the ones that you feel work for you.

This is trial and error of course and the best way is to check out the aromas is before you buy so visiting a natural health store is advisable. You will naturally connect with some oils and reject others. Choose them intuitively as when you are looking at your spiritual development, it is not as important as to the chemical aspects of the oils as they are not being used in a physical manner.

Oils can be used in a variety of ways, such as an oil burner, in massage, drops on a pillow to aid relaxation and sleep, in a steam inhalant, used in massage, or a few drops in a bath can have a wonderful calming effect.

Essential oils should be used treated with respect and yet used instinctively, to heighten mood, create a sense of inner calm or for when healing. There ar so many benefits to using aromatherapy in your everyday life but here are three which have been chosen specifically to aid your spiritual path


Aromatherapy Benefit: For uplifting moods, for psychological effects and to boost the spirit during challenging times.


Aromatherapy Benefit: Helps to chase the shadows of unhappiness away. Brings light and laughter


Aromatherapy Benefit: Ideal for use in meditation, it has a warm and sweet aroma which helps establish a spiritual connection and provides ethereal support.

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