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Aromatherapy Massage for Relaxation

Aromatherapy has been used holistically for centuries at home and by those who have experience with essential oils and in modern times, the benefits of this gentle complimentary treatment has increased in popularity immensely. Stress and stress related conditions cause a variety of negative effects on people and aromatherapy can help balance out these negative aspects simply and effectively.

Aromatherapy massage is probably one of the most well-known treatments and this works exceptionally well in lowering the heart rate, blood pressure and of course, relaxing muscles. In addition, aromatherapy massage also improves the following:

Nourishes the skin when the oil is massage in.
Can soften fatty deposits
Relieves headaches which are caused by tension
Helps reduce stress-related symptoms
Promotes a feel-good factor
Helps to remove toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

An aromatherapy massage is so much more beneficial than a traditional massage as the aroma from the essential oils stimulate the olfactory nerves, sending signals to the brain which in turn transmit messages to the rest of the body.

Finding a good therapist is essential as this adds to the whole ambiance. The client must be able to feel at ease with the therapist and as the client will be partially clad, need to feel relaxed and open to the therapist massaging large expanses of skin.

Aromatherapy massage is a very safe treatment; however there are some contra-indications to oils that may be used in a treatment. In pregnancy for example, there are some oils, which should not be used at all. It is important that the person having the massage tells the masseuse if they have any medical or health conditions. Usually a full consultation is carried out to prevent any adverse reactions being suffered.
Some main conditions to report are:

Contagious skin conditions
Sensitive skin.

If you are planning to have an aromatherapy massage, it is worth arranging it to be after usual work hours i.e. not at a lunchtime when you have to go back to work. The massage will make you feel very relaxed and not feel like working, many of its benefits will be lost by having to force yourself to work.

It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids -water or herbal teas preferably as this will help with the removal of toxins. Avoiding heavy meals afterwards are also advised as blood would be diverted to the stomach to help process the food eaten instead of the healing process beginning.

Having an aromatherapy massage regularly will help to combat the stresses of daily life and help you to achieve a relaxed and balanced lifestyle.

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