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Create your own Aromatherapy Store

With the masses of aromatherapy products, which are available in the marketplace today, it is fair to say that aromatherapy is a complex subject for many and especially for the complete beginner.

It is relatively easy however to begin to learn about this natural holistic therapy as there is an abundance of information pertaining to this subject on the Internet, in health stores, or by direct mail order. It may be useful to consider which aspect would be preferable to study first, so that the wealth of information can be managed in bite-size chunks.

As the beginners knowledge begins to increase, it is a good idea for them to start creating their own aromatherapy store, this can be for personal use, for family or it can be used for the qualified aromatherapist to begin selling specific brands of essential oils alongside their treatments thus offering a secondary income.

The basics of setting up an aromatherapy store though is knowledge and this means understanding all the individual properties relating to these individual oils. It is a good idea to gradually buy some of the more popular oils and build up a stock of those more commonly used ones as this will make it easier to remember their individual uses and which ones mix well and easily.

Rosemary- antidepressant, antiseptic, also useful for mental stimulation
Tea Tree anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, good for use on abrasions or cuts
Peppermint- antiseptic, insect repellent, expectorant, decongestant, useful for digestive problems
Lavender-calming, anti-inflammatory, sedative qualities-useful in insomnia
Pine-stimulant and an expectorant
Cedarwood-good for bronchial congestion and is an expectorant, good for grounding emotional disarray.

As you can see from this very basic list of essential oils, there are many different uses within each oil, some will be used more frequently than others and you will establish favorites that help with a multitude of problems. This is trial and error of course, and through reading published literature, which will help with this process of mass learning. Creating your own aromatherapy store is not too difficult a task ultimately as all oils are readily available but it does take time to build up your complete collection.

In the early stages, it is useful to be able to define what aspect of aromatherapy do you want to learn first. Whether you are interested in the health aspects of the therapy or perhaps the more creative and would like to try to make candles, soaps and bath time products.

For those who wish to make aromatherapy their career, there are some good courses available, which give a recognized qualification and at the end of these courses, there are often some additional information relating to setting up your first practice.

Building up your aromatherapy store whilst studying is a useful aid to learning and will also help with the practice once qualified.

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