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The Future of Art Therapy Jobs

Most people do not get into art therapy for the sake of art therapy jobs, but because they enjoy art, psychology, working with all ages of troubled individuals, and feel an inner satisfaction of helping someone onto a better life. But the Art Therapist has been listed as one of the top 10 “hot jobs” which began in 2007.

A lot of the art therapy jobs belong to the mental health in combination with the educational profession, now part of a new cutting edge job philosophy based on demographic shifts, legislative changes, business trends, and consumer behavior factors. The changing employment market is becoming more and more versatile as other factors are brought into effect–people are living longer and working more years, they have access to higher education and in a multitude of methods, and later retirements–all taking the work force into an extended future as compared to the past.

According to Paula Howie, President of the American Art Therapy Association and board certified Art Therapist, has recently said in regard to art therapy jobs, ” Employment opportunities for art therapists in healthcare, community agencies, education, and independent practice continue to increase for our members. It is exciting that leading job recruitment services are recognizing the field of art therapy as a cutting edge career.

Another individual, Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz, the director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. She is also on the board of Directors for the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), and has been a leader in the art field since the early 70s. She feels that art therapy jobs responsibilities will vary in each position, such as working as a consultant, in a private practice, or in an agency. The private practice in the art therapy jobs, where the art therapist provides the primary care for the patient, will be much more complex and extending a lot further than in a group. Many people may become involved because of the distressed individual’s situation–physicians, social workers, judges, law guardians, family members, and community members.

The art therapist can expect a salary that ranges from about $35,000 to $70,000 annually in the field of art therapy jobs, depending on whether one is in a private practice or in a group setting. These jobs vary in their positions and responsibilities, from the human service and art therapy field to an advertised art therapy position. But for those who wish to extend their qualifications, adding knowledge in other areas besides just art therapy is wise. This could be music therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, or anything else that would work with the art therapy field.

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