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Arthritis Sufferers Want More Alternative Medicine

If you are an arthritis sufferer, you have probably had more than your share of expensive doctor visits, prescription drugs and their many harmful and even dangerous side effects. And even after all this trouble and expense, you still have pain. So many people have tried to carry on There has to be a better way! And there is. Studies have found that nothing helps arthritis more than alternative medicine.

People of all ages suffer from arthritis. Despite the stereotype of the little old arthritic man hobbling down the street with his cane, even small children can develop this painful malady. More arthritis sufferers use alternative medicine on a daily basis along with lifestyle changes. One such change is a special diet that eliminates foods known to aggravate the condition while adding in those foods that help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Proper diet is a viable option for pain control that few people take advantage of. Arthritis sufferers should eat more natural foods as a form of alternative medicine, and eliminate foods that aggravate pain and swelling such as dairy products, beef, eggs, nuts and grains.

There are food based herbal remedies that arthritis sufferers should make more use of as alternative medicine. Some of the more popular ones are

Ginger An anti-inflammatory.
Cayenne Used as a topical rub or in capsule form to ease pain.
Devils Claw An analgesic pain reliever.
Horsetail strengthens joint tissue and facilitates free movement.
Yucca Known as a pain reliever for centuries

Arthritis flare ups can benefit from more alternative medicine food choices such as

Celery juice
Celery seed

These foods strengthen and add collagen to the bones and joints, making them more flexible, and are anti-inflammatory as well.

Herbs that fight the pain of arthritis include


All the above herbs are quite good made into herbal teas. Yes, even the garlic! It is delicious as a tea with milk and honey. Try a cup of tea instead of a pain pill, and sip thoughtfully as your pain begins to back off a degree or two.

Don’t pay attention to the taunts of others who make kiddingly tell you that you have turned into a health food nut! Once you have tried the above remedies and see what a difference they can make in your pain, you will be laughing right along with them laughing with joy that your pain has disappeared. Plus, the addition of these foods, along with a good whole foods diet that leaves out certain foods will help you to lose weight easily if you need to. Excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the joints, which can aggravate arthritis.

Foods that can trigger the pain of arthritis include

Green peppers
Potatoes (white)

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