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A Researcher’s Assistant: Articles on Music Therapy

Today’s society is filled with people trying to find alternative remedies to illnesses. There are many reasons for this, from lack of health insurance to the wish to avoid medication. But whatever the reason, many alternative therapies, like music therapy, have grown in popularity. In fact, music therapy has not only gained popularity, it has also gained recognition as a medical profession. This has led many students interested in careers helping others to seek degrees in music therapy.

Of course, both students and people who are seeking relief from ailments are searching for information about music therapy. This is where articles on music therapy become important. Articles on music therapy can help educate non-professionals about this professional field. Professionally written articles, such as research articles, are the best way to go for those who are looking for information regarding the proven benefits of music therapy. These articles will give the reader an idea of what types of music therapy techniques have been used in which situations, and how those techniques have fared when compared to traditional therapy methods.

For example, a person interested in using music therapy to treat chronic pain would want to search for articles on music therapy that dealt with the results of research performed on chronic pain patients. These articles will give the person an idea of the music therapy techniques that seem to work the best on chronic pain patients such as utilizing music as a distraction from pain, or as a relaxation method to reduce physical stress that can enhance the brain’s perception of pain. Articles on music therapy allow the reader to see how music therapy is used in chronic pain patients and what he or she can expect from music therapists for his or her particular condition. The reader can also choose the technique that seems best to him or her and suggest that to his or her music therapist.

Whether the reader is a student or a potential music therapy patient, it is extremely important for him or her to know how to determine the validity of the articles on music therapy he or she is reading. The best resources are available at the library; published articles are written by scholarly authors with formal background in the subject. If the library is not an option, the interested person can look for legitimate articles on music therapy on the internet. A good tip for this person is to look for articles published on websites hosted by professional music therapy organizations like the American Music Therapy Association. Articles on music therapy from these organizations will be accurate and up-to-date.