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Choosing the Best Type of Yoga for You

Yoga offers many different health benefits from toning muscles to becoming spirituality enlightened. There are different types of yoga and each type focuses more on one element or another although every type of yoga is still based on the principal of improving well being through physical, emotional, and spiritual exercise. If you want to take yoga, it is important to evaluate your fitness goals to decide which type of yoga is right for you. If your goal is to become more relaxed and spiritually aware then you should do a different form of yoga than a person who wants to become physically fit and improve muscle tone. All types of yoga will reduce stress and help you to increase flexibility but there is probably one type of yoga that is the best for your fitness goals.

If your goal is to become fit, increase your flexibility, and improve your muscle tone, Hatha yoga is the best for you. This type of yoga is the most common form of yoga and uses the types of techniques and positions most people associate with yoga. You will focus on stretching and developing your flexibility. Hatha yoga is not the most strenuous form of yoga but it will work wonders on developing your flexibility and helping you reduce stress.

If you are looking for a more strenuous workout but still want the other emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga, there is a type of yoga for you too. The most strenuous form of yoga, known as Ashtanga yoga, is great for people who want a challenging workout that will help them to tone their muscles and improve their physical health. Ashtanga yoga uses the most challenging poses and movements to improve your physical health.

If your fitness goals focus more on your emotional and spiritual fitness, there is a form of yoga that will help you to reach your goals as well. Jnana yoga focuses on the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga and helps students to reach a deeper spiritual level. If you are searching for meaning in your life, Jnana yoga can help you to develop spiritually and emotionally as well as relieve stress and allow you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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