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Learning the Techniques of Chakra Meditation

When it comes to meditation and all the different styles, there are many of them to choose from. In fact, one of the styles of meditation that is becoming more and more popular is chakra meditation; as it is very simple to learn.

Many times when people learn chakra meditation, they will not want to meditate any other way after that! For many people, chakra meditation is one of the easiest to learn as well as remember.

One thing that many people are unaware of is that chakra meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on certain parts of the body; such as your head, heart or any major organs. In fact, there are seven chakras located throughout everyone’s body (which are the perineum, swadhisthana, navel, heart, throat, eyebrows or forehead, and the top of the head). The main chakra is located just at the base of the spine, which is also known as the coccyx; and it is close to our body and allowing us to master it. Also, our health and security are both linked to the chakra.

Most often when people are taught chakra meditation, they are taught that chakra is an energy that is in the center of the body which is located right at the center of the nervous system; which is at the beginning of the spinal column and goes throughout the entire body to the top of the head. In fact, many people believe that it is the biophysical energy of a person’s body.

Just like any other type of meditation, when practicing chakra meditation, there are several things that you should follow or learn; especially if you are a beginner at meditating and learning on your own. Some of the things that you should first learn before beginning chakra meditation is that it can be done while sitting or lying down, you should adjust all your clothing as well as your body, you should have your eyes closed, when breathing keep your breath relaxed, slow and deepened (but you do not want to control it), find the spinal passage and bring awareness to it, focus on the general area of where the chakras are, before finishing the breath sound, chant “Om” 3 times.

Even though with meditation there are supposed to be no bad side effects, with chakra meditation there is. In fact, a couple of the side effects are excessive mental energy; especially if one does not have enough physical activities. Another problem that many beginners have problems with is getting an emotional imbalance which cause mood (personality) and behavioral problems.

If you are thinking about trying chakra meditation, it is best to go to a professional for advice and some lessons; as you will want to be as healthy as possible!

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