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Christian Meditation for the Complete Inner Peace

Christian Meditation was started over thirty years ago by John Main. Many refer to Christian meditation as the practice of pure prayer. The practice of Christian meditation was not just used in churches, convents and monasteries, but by everyone from the day of their birth. In 1975, he begin have weekly groups of Christian meditation in London at his monastery. It became so popular that today it is used around the world in weekly meditation groups as a tradition.

Christian Meditation can be traced back as far as the third century when it was practiced as a way to find a direct path to God and bringing the presence of God into your life daily. Religious advocates such as Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross and Meister Eckhart did a lot of study on meditation and its ability to take us beyond our closed horizons to an holy refuge that is available to us at all times. This way of life has been a transformation for many for a number of years as practicing Christian meditation brings us into a feeling of oneness with Christ.

Christian meditation is much the same as religious people “finding God” in their lives and turning their lives over to God. When they are practicing this meditation, their mental, emotional and spiritual being is focused on Christ from beginning to end. Many have found that by practicing Christian meditation they are doing more than just praying, although it is a deep sense of prayer. Through this form of prayer, they not only find their life going in a new direction, but also find they have discovered true inner peace. This inner peace takes away any signs of stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

Although there are still some that doubt the ability of Christian meditation as an important way of life, it has been around for enough years that millions of individuals take part in this great art. Many people who don’t even consider themselves as religious have tried Christian meditation as a way to make their lives better and more fulfilling. Although many admit they don’t notice a change in their attitude or lives with just one or two meditation sessions, it comes on gradually. Once they begin to feel closer to Christ, they begin to feel more calm and peaceful inside. Each day they feel more serene until they find they’ve reached their total inner peace and tranquility with Christian meditation.

Many seminars and groups hold Christian meditation on a regular basis for those that are interested in changing their lives and reaching towards Christ. There are many online sites that offer the opportunity to learn more about Christina meditation, whether offline or online.

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