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Understanding Eye Iridology And What It Does

Eye iridology is a highly specialized form of alternative medicine that seeks to uncover potential problems within the body. This form of study relies on the use of specialized equipment and screening procedures that can help practitioners discover issues that might need further diagnostic procedures to determine for certain.

What To Expect From An Appointment
An iridology appointment is not at all unlike going to an eye doctor’s office. In most cases, practitioners of eye iridology will use very specialized camera equipment to examine the eyes and take close up pictures of the irises. The machine involved is very similar to an eye doctor’s in that it will involve the insertion of the head into a special resting device so the camera can focus very closely on the iris itself. These pictures will then be studied thoroughly for potential indicators of problems within the body.

Results of an eye iridology study will sometimes take a while to receive. Practitioners will want to very carefully study and screen the images of the eye and correspond them to a specialized chart.

What Happens During The Study Phase
Once practitioners have taken very detailed images of the irises, eye iridology moves forward to the study phase. It is at this time that practitioners will search the images for unusual anomalies found within the eye itself. Iridologists will look for such things as specks, lines, spots and arcs.

Any anomalies that are found will be compared to a special eye iridology chart. This chart shows an iris that is broken up into many parts. Each portion of the iris is believed to correspond to a certain body part. This means an anomaly found in a certain part of the eye might indicate a problem with a particular organ. Anomalies are also studied for their shape and coloration. These can indicate particular problems, such as inflammation.

During the study phase, all findings are noted and then matched to the chart. This helps indicate where a patient’s problems might be coming from if pain happens to be present.

What Happens Next
An eye iridology study is considered one of the first steps in the diagnostic procedure. When anomalies are found and corresponded to different parts of the body, more in-depth screening is generally called for to determine if problems are present and their exact nature. In most cases, eye iridology is not considered a definitive diagnostic tool.

Eye iridology is an important part of alternative medicine. This practice enables practitioners to see where potential problems within the body can be found. Once this is done, further study will generally take place to pinpoint the causes of pain, irritation and so on.

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