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The Hand Reflexology Chart Will hand you a Tool for a Lifetime of Wellness

A common area for reflexology is the hand. The hand has many nerve endings and by massaging, pinching, or squeezing the hand in various selective zones, you can benefit from good health and a complete body stimulation therapy. There are several types of charts available for the various reflex zones of the body including the hand reflexology chart. The hand reflexology chart also comes in various shapes and sizes. You can buy these charts directly from the internet at various sites or you can Google sites to find a free hand reflexology chart.

An interesting concept of portraying a hand reflexology chart is the invention of the hand reflexology glove as a therapeutic tool for good health. These gloves come with a hand reflexology chart imprinted upon them. These gloves are extremely useful for the beginning student of reflexology or the layperson at home wishing to learn the art and wishing to learn how to perform a perfect message. The massage itself is normally done by another individual and the printed chart is color coded for quick and easy reference to the body organ that you wish to have stimulated. Both sides of the gloves are imprinted so that the back and front of the hand can get a good workout. It is also important to note that the gloves are sold in pairs because each hand glove has a completely different hand reflexology chart.

The hand reflexology gloves come in the convenient one size fits all variety and are made of a cotton blend that stretches to fit every hand size. At first it might seem strange to wear gloves while receiving a massage but the strangeness will soon disappear and you get use to them.

A variation of the hand reflexology gloves is the heated gloves but they are not reflexology gloves per se. They are often utilized by chiropractors for they offer a heated massage to help eliminate pain often associated with tired hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and more. The heated gloves can work to message different areas of the body with the added enjoyment of warmth for tired muscles. Unlike the reflexology hand gloves, these gloves can be sold separately and come in the defined sizes, small, medium, and large. They do make a great choose in lieu of an expensive professional massage.

Whether you buy a hand reflexology chart, or you obtain a free one, whether you choose the black and white or color printed chart and whether or not you obtain for yourself a pair of reflexology gloves and or chiropractic heated gloves, one thing is for certain, you will benefit from a great hand workout, relief from pain, and stimulation of your body organs and systems for general well being.