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Hand Reflexology: You can Have It all in The Palm of Your Hand

Most laypeople will know that reflexology pressure points are found in the feet and many have already experienced a massage. However, the person who is bashful to take off his or her shoes in public, whether it be because of an odor problem or the feet are just to ticklish etc, there is an alternative the hand massage. Hand reflexology also concentrates upon pressure points or zones in the hand which corresponds to the various body organs and systems similar to foot reflexology.

The pioneer experts, Barbara and Kevin Kunz are specialists in this area. They have provided much information on hand reflexology and foot reflexology in their various websites and in their cdn.face-book.com reflexology group. The couple has been in practicing for over 25 years, but the practice of foot and hand reflexology has been in existence since ancient china, India, Egypt and even some parts of Africa.

Kevin Kunz maintains that there has been a renewed interest in hand reflexology of late due to the amount of stressful activities we are now subjecting our hands to such as: playing video games, spending long hours on the computer, using new electronic equipment such as the blackberry and text messaging back and forth. Many people are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome because of the pressure put upon the hands.

Hand reflexology will produce a calming effect, once administered. Furthermore, with our busy lifestyles we are in constant motion, taxing our minds and bodies and leaving ourselves open to various diseases such as heart attacks and other problems.

Therefore the aim of the hand reflexology massage is to sufficiently de stress the body parts to facilitate its ability to repair itself. There are many nerve ending within the hand and by messaging these various pressure points, the hand will relax, blood will circulate more freely, and pain will dissipate. The calming effect will travel to the various body systems and organs for a generalized stress free feeling of well being.

Hand reflexology is simple to learn, the touch points or pressure zones have been extensively mapped out for us in hand reflexology charts. There are even hand reflexology gloves worn directly upon the hand thus avoiding errors in zone point locations.

The technique to use needs pressure and stretching movements. You can commence by pulling upon the web part of the tips of your fingertips and thumbs, while gently applying pressure. Now take the body of the hand (palm and top of the hand) and stretch the skin back and forth, always be gentle and produce just enough pressure to get the task done.

Kevin Kunz maintains that you can overdo these simply techniques if you are messaging too hard, too long, or too much. Do not overdo it! He cautions if any part of the hand becomes too sensitive to touch because of the massage stop it, let your hand rest for a few days before resuming the massage.

Kevin Kunz recommends rolling a golf ball around the palm of the hand as a great source of energy releasing power. He states that this energy release will benefit the adrenal glands, stomach, kidneys, solar plexus and pancreas.

More information can be found on his various websites, face-book, and other reflexology training institutes.