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Herbal Medicine Chinese Practices Centuries Old

The traditional herbal medicine Chinese use includes a variety of techniques such as herbal formulations and acupuncture. The Chinese system of growing, processing as well as the clinical usage of herbs is referred to as the Chinese herbal sciences. The herbal medicine Chinese use has a 2,000 year history that includes continual evolution and refinement. It is true there is nothing special about herbal medicine Chinese use because many of them are imported from other countries, what is special is the science behind the herbs. What makes Chinese herbal science unique is that it integrates the patients sensations and perceptions with the perceptions of the herbalist perceptions and experience to arrive at a common sense solution. Chinese herbology is considered one of the most sophisticated systems in the world when it comes to analyzing both clinical indicators and patterns of symptoms with repeatability and consistency.

Herbal medicine: Chinese practices make the difference

Properly trained Chinese herbalists follow several essential techniques which then allow them to tailor herbal formulas to each individual body characteristic in addition to the primary symptoms and chief complaints. For example the palpation of the radial pulse is monitored at several positions and depths on both wrists. The tongue is inspected for overall color, thickness, distribution of the tongue coating as well as color and texture of the tongue tissue. The tongue is inspected using a bright, full-spectrum lamp so the herbalist is sure that they do not misinterpret what they see. Besides inquiring about the patients main complaint and the symtoms they are currently experiencing, the Chinese herbalist will also ask about the patients metabolic and neuroendocrine characteristics. These characteristics include the patients appetite, general energy level, current moods, mental states, thirst, urination and bowel movements as well as their perception of their body heat or coolness. The crucial philosophical and scientific difference between the Chinese herbal sciences and traditional Western medicine is that Chinese herbalists do not recommend herbal formulations that are based solely on the chief complaint. The formulations are not based on the medical condition that a physician may have diagnosed either. When it comes to herbal medicine, Chinese style techniques work to improve the patients overall health by attempting to restore balance to the body. Because all the body’s components are interdependent the entire complex of symptoms and clinical signs must be considered in determining a strategy for restoring health. In the practice of herbal medicine, Chinese herbalists believe that once the body is in balance, the result will be a patient that is healthier in mind, body and soul.

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