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Homeopathy Acne

Acne, perhaps the most common health condition, can affect people for their entire life. A skin disorder, it affects eight out of every ten teenagers. Acne happens when the sebaceous glands or oil secreting glands in the skin of the face, chest and back become over sensitive to normal levels of androgen. Adults can also experience acne. Though it often clears up after several years, even without treatment, it may leave scars. Various types of acne are: Pimples (blackheads, whiteheads); Papules, Pustules, Nodules and Cysts.

Acne may occur for many reasons.

Poor hygiene may cause dirt and grease to accumulate and block skin pores.
Hormonal changes can cause teenagers and young adults to be more prone to acne.
Dandruff can fall on the face and back and cause acne.
Hair follicles may not get rid of dead cells fast enough and clog the pores.
The sebaceous gland may produce too much, providing a breeding ground for bacteria and causing acne.
Stress can affect hormone levels and account for some adult acne.
Occupational exposure to chemicals, grease, oil and toxins.

Often embarrassed by their appearance, patients with acne may have a lower self esteem and experience depression and anxiety. Consumption of excessive oily foods, sweets, chocolate, improper diet and food habits, over exposure to the sun, smoking, lack of exercise, constipation, drugs, alcohol, cosmetics and insufficient rest may all aggravate the condition.

Patients suffering from acne are offered a natural, effective remedy through homeopathy acne remedies. They will notice a drying up of the affected areas and a reduction in the number of existing acne. The symptoms of pain, burning and itching, are reduced and often disappear after using homeopathy acne remedies. Many times the skin texture will also improve.

The homeopathy acne remedy is approached in a different way than conventional medicines. It is treated holistically from within the body, and not superficially, by using ointments and creams since the outer skin eruption is a reflection of the internal disorder of the body. The symptoms are a direct manifestation of the body’s attempt to heal itself and the homeopathy acne remedy acts as a trigger to stimulate the body’s own healing forces.

When taking a homeopathy acne remedy, the following procedures are recommended to enhance the results:
Avoid sugar, white flour products, soft drinks, refined foods, chocolate, cheese, meat, butter and iodized salt.
Avoid wearing heavy makeup which may clog pores and cause acne.
Avoid picking at the affected areas. This increases the chance of spreading bacteria and scarring.
Exercise on a regular basis to manage your stress. Regular exercise is important for overall health and can flush impurities from the skin through perspiration.
Minimize oiliness with an astringent, such as witch hazel. Apply to a cotton ball and gently wipe skin.
Try supplements and herbs that support healthy skin.

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