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Homeopathy natural medicines are an alternative approach to conventional medicine based on the belief that natural medicines, called remedies stimulate the body and give a natural boost for healing. Remedies are made of natural substances of plant, mineral and animal origin and are administered in highly diluted doses.

Conventional medicine attempts to restore health by invading organisms, replacing hormones or enzymes and suppressing symptoms without the body healing. The harmful side effects of the prescription medication can become a concern to the patient and to the doctor.

Homeopathy natural remedies stimulate and give a natural boost to the body for rejuvenation and healing. Homeopathy natural remedies enhance the body’s own defenses to correct illness and disease and allow symptoms to dissipate. The minute dose of a remedy does not cause any of the side effects that have become such a problem for patients, physicians, and pharmacists.

Many homeopathic practitioners practice classic homeopathy. This means the whole well being of the patient is studied, not just the symptoms. The Homeopathic practitioner understands that the cause of diseases is not just simply germs but also considers the factors that compromise the persons immune and defense systems, including the persons family history, nutrition, stress and psychological state. The practitioner then focuses on a total cure for the patient and not just a quick fix of the symptoms.

The goal in homeopathy is to find one single homeopathy natural medicine that treats the whole person. The specific disease conditions then dissipate as the remedy supports healing in the body. For any given disease, there are hundreds of remedies that might be used. However, for a patient only one or two of these homeopathy natural remedies will bring a good response.

Many patients choose a homeopathic approach for natural healing although the practitioner will occasionally recommend conventional medicines, vitamins or other therapy.

Some parts of the Natural Law of Cure have been expressed by different physicians since ancient times. However, only in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, were the complete laws and principles governing health and disease formulated for the first time in the history of medicine. That work was done by German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Distressed by the barbaric medical methods of his day like bleeding, purging, and the use of leeches and toxins, he chose to leave the practice of medicine. Later he developed a new, less threatening approach to treating illness known as Homeopathy. He spent the rest of his years developing and cataloging the relationship between disease and conditions (symptoms) and the toxic effects of natural, medically active substances. Clinically, the substance that produces the same symptom the patient is currently exhibiting in their illness is the homeopathy natural remedy prescribed by the physician.

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