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Homeopathy remedies are about the WHOLE person being considered for treatment. That means their mental, emotional, psychological, and environmental self and how they tend to relate to the world around them. A kind of environmental self-check if you will.
The key to natural homeopathy remedies is to get the RIGHT homeopathic remedy selected for YOU and your condition. Then have a dose set for YOU. Put another way, this means each person is different and each dose is different. That makes choosing a bit of like a game of Russian Roulette, which is why you need to be very careful with homeopathy remedies.
The one thing you need to be very aware of is that even though you may find a specific dose on the side of the bottle, this does not necessarily mean it will work for you. You may need more or you may need less. This is one of the major reasons why when dealing with homeopathy remedies, ALWAYS ask a knowledgeable professional. Do not just guess at what you think may work or not.
The doses on the side of the bottle are suggestions only! You now need to fine-tune your homeopathy remedies to suit YOU. Remember, you are a whole body system unto yourself and as such totally unique. Just because your neighbor is using such and such product doesn’t mean you can.
The history of homeopathy remedies is rather interesting. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann launched this area of alternative medicine in the early 1800s. While in the middle of translating a book called the Materia Medica Hahnemann noticed a passage dealing with cinchona bark used to treat malaria. Hahnemann tried the Peruvian bark, to attempt to understand its actual action. He figured if he could get it to work, he may just have hit upon a working healing theory.
What happened is he began to develop malaria like symptoms. His conclusion was effective drugs need to produce symptoms in healthy people similar to the diseases they are expected to treat. In the realm of homeopathy remedies this is the Law of Similars. Or put another way a theory that the use of certain substances creates symptoms of disease to fight disease when given in tiny doses. Note the emphasis on “tiny” doses, not full strength.
The theory of using tiny doses is how Hahnemann hit upon the idea of reducing the dose to infinitesimal levels through multiple dilutions of ten to a hundredfold. How this is accomplished is outlined in a book called the Organon of Rational Therapeutics. Published first in 1810, it is still in use today as the practitioner’s basic homeopathy remedies text.

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