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Sepia, a cuttlefish found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea, is soft-bodied with eight arms, and closely related to the squid and octopus. Predominantly female, it pushes itself forward by squirting jets of water from special organs in its body. If threatened, it gushes dark ink called sepia, which clouds the water and camouflages its retreat.

The cuttlefish ink is used for homeopathy Sepia preparations and diluted with large quantities of milk sugar for final use.

Homeopathic physicians prescribe homeopathy Sepia for symptoms such as apathy, moodiness and weakness.

People who feel irritable, weary, indifferent to family members, and exhausted by the demands of everyday life may respond to this remedy. Sepia is used for gynecological complaints and acts on the uterus, ovaries and vagina. It is effect for PMS pain, heavy menstruation, hot flashes during menopause, candidiasis, sagging or prolapsed uterus and physical and emotional systems during pregnancy. An excellent remedy, it helps women who experience pain during sexual intercourse and feel fatigued afterward. Women who dislike being touched during menopause, premenstrual, or during emotional problems are also helped by this remedy.

Homeopathy Sepia is also effective for aching backs, accompanied by exhaustion, muscle weakness, depression, migraines, constipation, psoriasis, yeast infections, rashes and urinary tract infections.

Miagraines: Patients suffering from left sided migraines accompanied by nausea and vertigo, hair loss, grow worse from missing meals, and during menopause or menstrual periods may respond to this remedy. The person feels worse indoors and from lying on the painful side.

Constipation: A heavy sensation remaining after a bowel movement, and stools that are hard and difficult to pass may be helped with homeopathy Sepia. Other symptoms include colds hands and feet, irritability and fatigue. Exercise may elevate some symptoms.

Psoriasis: A Homeopathy Sepia remedy may be helpful in the treatment of psoriasis. Patients feel dragged out and irritable and often have little interest in family life or work. Psoriasis may appear in many places on the body and the skin may look stiff and dry. In either sex, hormonal imbalance is often seen and problems with circulation are common. Exercise may help the persons mood and energy.

Yeast Infections: For women who suffer from yeast infections, Homeopathy Sepia may bring relief. Yeast infections cause a vaginal discharge that is yellow and itchy, or white and curd like. The patient often experiences cold extremities, a weak or sagging feeling in the pelvic area and a feeling of fatigue and irritability.

Urinary tract infections: Symptoms include frequent and sometime painful, urination, small amounts of involuntary urinary loss, and a sense that urine will leak if urination is delayed. Pressure may be felt above the pubic bone and the person may feel a bearing down feeling in the pelvic area. The patient often feels worn out and irritable, has cold extremities and a sagging feeling in the pelvic area. Homeopathy Sepia may be helpful to patients with these symptoms.

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