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Ida Rolf Rolfing Technique Pictures

Structural Integration, commonly known as Rolfing, was pioneered by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who earned a Ph. D. in biochemistry. She sought for alternative methods to relieve pain, and to gain mobility. Dr. Rolf discovered that all the structures of the body are covered with a connective tissue called fascia. The focus of her work is on stretching the fascia so that the body can come into proper alignment and be balanced to its center of gravity.

Ida Rolf Rolfing technique pictures will show the practitioner working on the body to lengthen and manipulate the fascia. You will see that the practitioner uses much of his/her weight assisted by gravity to put pressure on the clients body to break down the stiff fibers of the connective fascia. Before and after Ida Rolf Rolfing technique pictures will show the same person before and after treatments. Compare the pictures and you will see the client is able to stand taller than before. You will see the body in balance with its center of gravity; and the Ida Rolf Rolfing technique pictures show amazing results.

If you are a first time client coming to see a Rolf practitioner, you will fill out some paperwork, and then you will spend time talking about what brought you to the Rolf clinic. You may be asked to strip down to your under garments, so the practitioner can see clearly what your problems are. The practitioner will take a before picture of you, and then after the first session the practitioner may take another picture for comparison. Many times there is a difference visible after the first treatment, as in the Ida Rolf Rolfing technique pictures.

Ida Rolf taught that our bodies get out of alignment because of habitual movement patterns that we make. An example of this might be that after an accident that caused you to sprain your ankle left you with a limp long after the sprain healed. What happens is that the connective tissue has become shorter and stiff, causing the limp to be permanent. As a result the muscles contracted from the lack of mobility. The muscles remembered the pain and have forgotten how to move in the same manner as before the accident. Rolf treatments help the body to go into balance. Ida Rolf Rolfing technique pictures show remarkable differences over time. The clients feel much better, and more at ease in their own bodies than they did prior to the treatments.

Not only does the Ida Rolf Rolfing technique pictures show that the clients posture has improved, but they show that the client appears to have better balance. Some clients actually discover that after a round of Rolfing treatments they gained as much as one inch; this can also be documented with the Ida Rolf Rolfing treatment pictures. It is amazing to see the body change over time to correct its imperfections.

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