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Reducing Pain and Increasing Circulation with Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy has been around the medical profession for around 20 years in the use of pain reduction and increase of the body’s circulation. In fact, infrared light treatments are used as a heat modality for many areas of physical therapy, now considered a medical necessity. An ancient practice, the increased acceptance of it today has brought about a lot of new changes in the use of light emitting diodes, or LEDs, also-called Monochromatic Infrared Energy.

The advantage of the traditional medical field and their wide acceptance of infrared light therapy is that research began to develop it in regard to its (1) positive aspects, and (2) life saving qualities, whereas unnecessary surgeries and dangerous medication had been used previously. A recent system of infrared light therapy uses a new combination of infrared light energy–non-visible forms and visible–called the Healthlight System.

The Visible Infrared Light is a system that is recognized as being able to reach about eight to 10 mm into the human skin surface, beneficial for many types of surface wounds, cuts, scars, triggers, treating infections, and also acupuncture points. On the other hand, the Invisible Infrared Light can reach a depth of about 30 to 40 mm, an area that involves bones, deep muscles, and joints. What all this refers to is that both the red and the infrared wavelengths have the ability to reach different depths yet have similar therapeutic effects toward healing.

To give credit where credit is due, infrared light therapy is an ancient form of light therapy that originated when sunlight shining on bare skin was filtered through red stained glass. From then on, documentation shows us that more is known about infrared light therapy than any other treatment in history–red will stimulate the system as it is a base chakra color, the “fight or flight” area.

The Healthlight system consists of the infrared light therapy and the visible light diodes, which creates a warm feeling on its pads. Also, an increase in circulation occurs or a decrease in swellings, decreased inflammations, decreased tension, or decreases in muscle spasms or even tightness. Yet at the same time, adverse side effects of using the infrared light therapy through Healthlight are almost zero, because of the built-in timers and auto shut-off features. Minor situation that may occur are a burning to an area if the infrared systems are left on too long if they do not have a timer or shut-off, and diabetic individuals should have their insulin levels monitored during the infrared light therapy treatments.

Medicare does not cover or approve the code for the Infrared Heating Pad for home treatments, but most other insurance companies do follow the policy. Also, no prescriptions are needed for the Healthlight infrared light therapy system for personal buys, or through a facility treatment. But through clinics that offer the infrared light therapy, a prescription is needed if it needs to be reimbursed through the client’s health plan for private insurance.

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