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The Power of Intense Pulse Light Therapy

One of the latest procedures for light therapy is the Intense Pulse Light Therapy, also known as photo laser, computer controlled light therapy, light laser and many more. Pioneered by Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr., this new light therapy emits high intensity pulses of light to penetrate the human skin for skin disorders. This new light therapy is used for the removal of facial wrinkles, old age or “liver” spots, freckles, tattoos, hair removal, and many other skin disorders. The Intense Pulse Light Therapy especially is used by those who cannot stand the traditional lasers.

The procedure of the light therapy may begin with a topical anesthetic application, where once the numbing has taken effect in the treatment area, an application of a cold and soothing gel will be applied and then a pyramid or glass prism is placed over the gel and area. A non-aggressive pulse, or intense flash of light, will then be flashed through the prism toward the treatment area to keep the skin undamaged for further treatments.

Different types of machines are designed for different levels of repairs and penetration for the Intense Pulse Light Therapy:

PhotoDerm VL – light pulses are directed at the spider and varicose veins, in addition to vascular birth marks. What is targeted is the blood’s hemoglobin for vascular lesions.
PhotoDerm PL – light pulses are directed at the age spots, freckles, different types of discoloration, and flat pigmented birthmarks. The targeted area is the melanin in the epidermis for pigmented lesions.
PhotoDerm HR an EpiLight – light pulses are directed at the melanin in the hair shaft, traveling to the follicle, heating and destroying it for hair removal.

Not everyone can be treated with Intense Pulse Light Therapy, especially insulin-dependent diabetics, due to the risk of wound-healing and infection problems. Also, anyone who uses blood thinners should have them discontinued before treatment, such as Coumadin, Heparin, aspirin, or 10-days discontinued usage before treatments, such as any herbal remedies that are anti-coagulant–garlic, ginger, cayenne, papaya, gingko, gingko biloba, Vitamin E, or selenium.

There are always risks with anything that is medical whether or not it is natural or traditional medicine, even if it is just slight. With Intense Pulse Light Therapy, blistering or slight bleeding may be possible. Also, lightening or darkening of certain areas due to the treatments may occur, and if so it may be between three to 12 months before any type of normal skin tone will appear. In very, very rare occurrences, scarring may occur.

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