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What Iridology Cameras Are Used For

Iridology cameras are curious looking machines that are used in an alternative medicine practice that not everyone is completely familiar with. The importance of this particular device in the practice cannot be understated. Without a good camera, most practitioners find doing their jobs can be more than difficult.

What Iridology Cameras Do
This type of highly specialized camera is not at all unlike the machines eye doctors use to get a closer look at the eye. In the case of iridology cameras, however, the device is used to get a very crisp picture of a person’s iris. This picture is then either printed out or transferred to a computer for further study.

This type of camera is generally designed specifically for iridology and eye exam use. Inasmuch, iridology setups are not found on the general market. To obtain a specialized camera, practitioners need to turn to dealers that handle medical-based equipment. Some companies specialize in nothing but the sale of new or used cameras for the practice of iridology.

Camera Features
Many modern cameras used in the practice of iridology rely on fiber options to obtain an incredibly detailed image of the iris. These cameras typically involve a face stand and chin guard, much like machines found in optometrists’ offices. Some of the best cameras enable a direct link between the machine itself and a computer program that speeds along the reading process.

What The Pictures Tell
The practice of iridology itself involves the study of the eye to determine if there are potential medical problems related to different portions of the body. A detailed picture of the iris is studied for anomalies and then compared to a specialized chart. Particular anomalies found within the iris can indicate such things as dead or dying tissue, inflammation and more. Each part of the iris itself is believed to correspond to a particular part of the body.

Iridology is basically an advanced screening process. Alternative medicine practitioners use this study to indicate where they might want to look for problems. It is not considered a viable means for diagnosis. Instead, it is used to point practitioners in the right direction for further study and diagnosis.

What Happens After The Study
If a practitioner finds that pictures from an iridology camera do present with anomalies, further study on the particular areas of the body might be indicated. An indication of inflammation in an organ, for example, might need immediate further diagnostic procedures.

Iridology is a unique study that links the eyes to different portions of the body. Providing a way to point diagnosis in the right direction, this practice is not easily picked up without the use of specialized iridology cameras. These machines can see what they naked eye often misses.

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