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Free Iridology Charts Are Only A Starting Point For This Study

Iridology is the study of the eye and how it relates to the rest of the body. Iridologists believe that the iris of the eye holds clues as to the health status of each and every major organ and system within the human body. To guide them in their pursuit of health screening, many people interested in this field of study seek out free iridology charts.

Free iridology charts are available rather extensively online. These charts serve as the guide for helping iridologists read lesions and anomalies within the eye for clues about the health status of a person.

The best way to obtain free iridology charts is to do a simple Internet search. There are many locations where these charts are offered free for download. The charts alone, however, will not entirely help a person learn the ropes of iridology. There is more to this field of study than simply finding a spot on the eye and then cross checking it with a free iridology chart.

The basic premise behind iridology is that the eye holds key information as to the entire health status of a body. If there is a problem with the heart, for example, there will be a visible marking or lesion within the iris to indicate it. In many cases, these lesions appear even before a person becomes symptomatic. Free iridology charts and more complex charts that are available for buy map out the eye and show exactly which parts of the iris relate to specific organs within the body.

What iridologists do with iridology charts is pinpoint the location of lesions they’ve found on the eye and then match them up to a specific organ. This form of health screening is simply that, however. It is not considered a diagnostic procedure. Instead, it simply helps guide further study or even preventative measures.

Beyond reading free iridology charts to compare found lesions, iridologists also delve a little deeper. These practitioners believe the different lesions have different meanings. For example, a black marking on the iris might indicate dead or dying tissue. White tends to indicate the presence of inflammation.

Free iridology charts can give those interested in this pursuit an idea of what the science is all about. There is much more to this field of study, however. To properly read charts, iridologists must be able to obtain very clear pictures of a person’s eye and also understand the significance of different lesions, their shapes and even their colors. To obtain proper credentials in the field, many people undergo rather extensive training.

While free iridology charts can help beginners learn more about this field, there is much more to the pursuit. Skilled iridologists often train long and hard to develop the traits necessary to properly screen health.

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