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IVF Herbal Medication Advantages

If you are considering in vitro fertilization or IVF herbal medicine can be used three to six months prior to the IVF treatment. Chinese herbal medicine practices such as acupuncture increase the chances of pregnancy when used before the IVF treatments. The success rate of IVF conception without acupuncture was 26.3% and with acupuncture it went up to 42.5% according to the results published in the fertility and sterility survey conducted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Infertility and alternative medicine

Historically, mental stress, was thought to be the cause of infertility. Modern research has shown that mental stress has very little to do with the actual cause of infertility, however it cannot be ruled out because according to a study done at Harvard University stress can reduce the hypothalamic-anterior pituitary-ovarian axis function. Stress should not be overlooked as a possible cause of infertility during the initial workup nor should it be considered the only contributing factor. Over the past twenty years traditional medicine has discovered a new field, psychoneuroimmunology, which focuses on how your mind can affect your body. This new principle that the thoughts and feelings of an individual can affect their physical health is a conviction that has always been a part of alternative medicine, possibly this belief is why IVF herbal medicine works.

East meets west with IVF herbal medicine

Acupuncture has been proven to increase the success rate of infertility treatments and ivf. Herbal medicine has also been used with success in the treatment of infertility for thousands of years. It is suspected that the acupuncture needles were pointed at areas that influenced reproductive factors which is why it was so successful in the study. For example, the acupuncture points that were selected were believed to increase the blood flow to the uterus, relax the uterus, stabilize the endocrine systems and improve the flow of energy to the abdomen which resulted in a higher rate of pregnancy. The exact mechanisms of IVF herbal medicine are not completely understood at this time but it is believed that the formulation of herbs specific to the needs of the patient is one reason why IVF herbal medicine works. Be advised, however, that these formulations should only be prescribed by a board-certified herbalist to help make sure that the combinations and amounts of herbs taken are absolutely safe.

What happens during the three months IVF herbal medicine is taken

The recommended waiting time for IVF to take place after alternative medicine is administered is three to six months. During the three to six month preparation period lots of changes are taking place in the body that will make the ivf have a higher rate of success. Ovarian function will be improved which results in better quality eggs and more follicles. The estrogen and progesterone levels are regulated, resulting in the uterus lining thickening which makes implantation easier. The immune system is strengthened, stress is reduced and the patient relaxes making the possibility of miscarriage less likely, but most important of all, the root cause of the infertility is treated. When considering ivf, herbal medicine options should be discussed with your health care practitioner if this is an option you wish to pursue in your quest for fertility.

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