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Finding Practitioners like John Davis Rolfing

The John Davis Rolfing practice is a marriage of structural integration and chiropractics. Rolfing works on the soft tissues to stretch the non-cellular matrix that makes up the connective tissue called fascia. Fascia covers every muscle, bone and structure in the body. Rolfing breaks down the stiff fibers and allows them to stretch so that the body can come into balance with its center of gravity. Chiropractors work on the musculoskeletal system to help the body become balanced also. A combination of the two forms of manipulation, such as John Davis Rolfing and chiropractics, allows for complete alternative health care.

Many doctors and chiropractors include Rolfing in their practice because of the benefits for the client. Rolfing, as well as chiropractics is an alternative form of health care. Both Rolfers and chiropractors manipulate the body to create proper alignment. People report that John Davis Rolfing is painful at first touch; however the pain was replaced by a huge amount of energy.

The demand for Rolfers in the field of chiropractics has increased so much that insurance companies are coming on board to acknowledge the practice of Rolfing as an accepted mode of health care. Many practitioners, such as John Davis Rolfing, accept insurance such as Kaiser Permanente. Ask your insurance company if it covers Rolf treatments.

To find a Rolf practitioner in your area is easy; go to the Rolf Guild website and click on search for Rolfer. The directory will list the name and the contact information of the Rolfer. Once you have located one, just call or email them and ask about information about his/her practice. If you are interested in chiropractic therapy, such as with John Davis Rolfing, being included, just ask if he/she is also a chiropractor, or if there is a chiropractor on staff.

All Rolf practitioners operate on the fundamentals taught by the Rolfing founder, Ida P. Rolf. She taught that the body is like plastic, and it can change its shape. She taught that gravity changes the shape of the body due to the misalignment caused by the effects of gravity. Dr. Rolf taught that the connective tissue of the body could be manipulated to stretch to allow for the body to come into balance with its center of gravity. Dr. Rolf studied Yoga, osteopathy among other subjects to be able to help people. Her techniques are the same techniques used by all Rolf practitioners, including John Davis Rolfing.

Anyone looking for a Rolf professional that will meet your needs only needs to interview some professionals and ask questions. Ask how much the sessions cost, and if your insurance will cover it. Ask if it hurts to be Rolfed. Ask whatever questions that you feel you need an answer to. Then ask for testimonials from clients. Anecdotal evidence is often the deciding factor for many people. You can ask the practitioners clients the same questions you asked the Rolf professional. As with John Davis Rolfing can hurt, but most clients say it is a good kind of hurt. Most people admit to feeling much better and having much more energy than before they started Rolfing treatments.