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What is the Journal of Music Therapy?

Relaying information is just one of the ways that journals and professional publications can help their targeted information. By compiling all the relevant news and findings in the music therapy world, the Journal of Music Therapy helps to keep music therapists up to date. Whether you are a music therapist or someone who’s simply interested in the field, the Journal of Music Therapy might be a wise investment for you. This periodical can help you see the value of music therapy as well as allow you to see what others are doing with this therapeutic technique.

For the past fifty years, the Journal of Music Therapy includes articles that have been published by professionals in the music therapy field. These articles can range from scientific findings in relation to the use of music in therapy or they might be case studies of patients who used music therapy techniques. Published by the American Music Therapy Association, this periodical is published quarterly.

Those who aren’t in professional positions might not understand the value of the Journal of Music Therapy. What this publication does is assemble the latest findings in the therapy setting and though this sounds simple, it’s actually a time consuming process. Each of the articles that is submitted or publication needs to be reviewed by other music therapy professionals. This step helps to determine the validity of the article as well as to prove the background of the writer. In doing so, the article will be reviewed and comments will be sent back to the author, if necessary, for changes that need to be made.

Once the writer has made these changes, the Journal of Music Therapy will then consider it for publication. Hundreds of articles make it to the journal each month and with only a quarterly submission period, it’s difficult to choose so many articles as well as to go through the review process.

The good news is that unlike other medical and therapy publications, the Journal of Music Therapy can also be viewed by those who aren’t actually practicing in the field. So anyone can take the time to read this publication, which is important for those who are thinking about entering into the field. High school students and college co-eds might want to read through the articles to see whether this field appeals to them.

With the Journal of Music Therapy, you can peek into the world of music therapy to see if it’s for you or if it’s for someone you know that hasnt found the help they need yet.

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