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Kundalini Yoga to Awaken your Inner Energy

Whilst yoga generally is renowned for helping the body to be healthy and flexible, there are also different styles of yoga, which focuss on the more spiritual aspects and increasing the latent energy contained within all us.

Kundalini yoga-also known as the lock of hair of the beloved this is a term used as a way of depicting the way that energy flows through us and by using Kundalini Yoga, we can awaken this energy within us, by means of postures, breathing exercises, meditation and by use of chanting.

This is a very powerful system which increases our opportunity for individual growth.

Kundalini yoga enjoys simple techniques which are available to everyone, regardless of physical ability or age. Dedicated practice make sures a balanced mind, a renewed connection with your inner wisdom, it helps to increase your vitality and yet be peaceful and strong.

Furthermore for those students who are interested in this discipline, the added advantage is that no previous knowledge is needed before the benefits of Kundalini yoga are experienced in a very short time. It simply provides us with the techniques to awaken and harness this energy which lives in all us, so that we can be happy and healthy.

Where possible, students should attend a class as the teacher will be able to guide and encourage those who are keen to learn. Each class will usually look at undergoing warm ups for flexibility and work on the spinal area. There will be an exercise sequence relating specifically to inner energy and of course relaxation and meditation to follow.

For those who continually strive to learn, Kundalini yoga has thousands of exercise sets within its system so there are many opportunities for the student to continually develop. It is about encouraging people to strive forwards but to not exceed their safety limitations.

Exercises themselves can last for 1-3 minutes but could last for longer. Also included within the sessions are:

Mantras- these use sound and vibrations for effect.

Mudras-these are hand or body poses which are held during specific exercises or during meditations

Chakras-These have a specific frequency and area which they correspond to, such as the heart, solar plexus. Kundalini yoga helps to make sure that the energy flows freely through these areas.

It is worth noting that some beginners may experience some feelings of discomfort initially such as light trembling sensations when in some of the postures or feelings of light-headiness. If this does occur it is worth realizing that it occurs as part of the cleansing of physical and mental toxins.

Kundalini yoga is a lifelong discipline designed to encourage all aspects of self development so that students can live in a healthy body yet obtain higher consciousness.