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Comparison Shopping for Light Therapy Boxes

Light therapy boxes offer bright light therapy, which consists of the individual sitting close to the light box with the eyes wide open, as the light shines on the face of the person. Not needed to look directly into the light bulb, a person can read, write, eat, or simply think about things. Treatments are usually within a range from 15 minutes to three hours, but can be adjusted for wished results.

Full maximum results can be achieved within two to four days, or even several weeks, but a lot depends on the condition and the individuals involved. With light therapy, a longer or shorter duration of exposure to the morning light, or even evening light, can be changed. Skipping treatments are also acceptable without any side effects if too much exposure causes problems to develop.

There are several things to consider when purchasing light therapy boxes–light intensity, cost, style, or personal needs and likes. The basic ideas behind light therapy boxes are simple. They are small, portable devices with fluorescent bulbs that are used to treat a depression disorder–seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Additionally, other conditions are being researched and studies with favorable results.

Light therapy boxes are available in a wide variety of choices, but should only be buyd and used under a doctor’s guidance. Too many individuals buy them over the Internet, over-the-counter, drugstores, or even hardware stores. Unfortunately, not all light therapy boxes are safe and may come without proper instructions.

When purchasing a light therapy box, the intensity of the light box should have the correct light at a comfortable seating distance. What is preferred is a 10,000-lux full-spectrum light box. The greater the 10,000-lux distance, the further away the light therapy treatment can be given. A person can eat their breakfast, work at their desk or computer, or read a book while still receiving a light treatment.

Another thing to consider is whether or not to get full spectrum or broad-spectrum light therapy boxes. The full spectrum bulbs imitate natural sunlight while producing UV rays. Having a purple or bluish cast, they have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or above. The natural outdoor light is 100, with the full spectrum bulbs having a kelvin temperature of 5,000 or higher. Many of the light therapy boxes today offer full spectrum lights as they are more natural, but block the UV rays through the diffuser screens. The other choice is broad spectrum–close to full spectrum but without the UV rays, while having a CRI of 82 with a kelvin temperature of 4200. They are considered as being pure white light, which most light box companies offering the majority of the time as they have no UV ray danger.

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