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Choosing the Best Meditation Cushion for You

When it comes to meditating, one thing that many people do not realize is that a meditation cushion is a very essential item. In fact, for many people who meditate, they can not meditate with a meditation cushion.

When it comes to choosing meditation cushion, there are many things that you should take into consideration for purchasing a cushion. In fact, one thing that you should no do is just grab one off the shelf; as that is not always the wisest thing! What you should do is make sure that it is good for you and the type of meditation class that you are in!

One of the first things that you will want to look at is that the meditation cushion that you are looking at is good for the type of meditation that you are practicing; as there are different kinds. Another thing that you will want to do is pick out a meditation cushion that is right for you and your body. In fact, there are many different kinds to choose from; such as Zafu meditation cushions, gomden cushions and zabution cushions among many types of meditation mats and other accessories. When choosing the cushion, it is best to sit on it first before purchasing to make sure that it feels right for you. Another important thing when choosing a meditation cushion is what the cushion is made of.

When it comes to the material or filling of the meditation cushion, there are several different types of filling that is becoming more popular; however, one that is well-known is buckwheat hull. One of the main reasons why many of the meditation cushions are being made with buckwheat hull is because it allows the pillow to take shape of your body while still being very pliable. Another filling that you will often see in meditation cushions is kapok; however, less and less companies are using it because it is very hard and tends to wear out quickly.

Along with choosing the filling of the meditation cushion, it is also important for you to choose which type of cushion you want. Not only are their meditation cushions, but there are several different styles to choose from! The standard meditation cushion is the basic round; however, there are also half moon shaped ones, square cushions and also rectangle cushions. Along with choosing the best shaped meditation cushion for your body, you may also choose which design is one the cushion; which may be beneficial to your meditation practices!

No matter what you decide for your meditation cushion, you will always want to remember that you will want to get a cushion that is best for you and your body, not what someone else tell you want you should get!

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