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Are Meditation Cushions Really Important?

When it comes to meditating, many people feel as if they need meditation cushions while meditating. In fact, many people feel that it is a needed item to have while meditating; however, you do not need meditation cushions to meditate.

When meditating, a person can meditate on almost any surface, bench or chair. In fact, many times when people to meditate, they will sit on their floors and use the carpet as a cushion. However, there are many people who believe they need special meditation cushions to meditate; therefore, they will end up spending a lot of money on a cushion that is specifically made for meditation.

When it comes to choosing meditation cushions, there are many styles, colors and different fabrics to choose from. In fact, no matter where you go you will see at least 3 different styles; whether it is in a magazine or in a yoga shop!

As for the different styles of meditation cushions, some of the most popular styles of them are the basic circles or rectangles; however, the half circles/moon shapes are becoming quite popular as well. Along with the rectangle shaped cushions, there are also square cushions. In all those shapes, they are all available in different sizes (some small ones for those that are smaller and larger cushions for those that are not so small). As for the fabric of the cushions, they are usually made of a cotton material; however, some of them are made from wool. However, one of most popular materials that many meditation cushions are now being made of is buckwheat hull; which is known to be very sturdy. When it comes to buckwheat hull, it is known to be sturdy but yet comfortable enough to give proper support while feeling as if you were sitting in sand!

When purchasing a meditation cushion, not only do you have to choose which style and material you want it to be, but you also have to choose which type of design (if any) you want on it. In fact, some of the basic colors that meditation cushions come in are blue, green, maroon, purple, brown, black and an ivory/crme color; all which are earth tone colors.

In the end, it does not matter which type of meditation cushion you have or what type of design is on the cushion; especially since when you are meditating your eyes will be closed and you will be focusing on nothing but your breathing or nothing at all! The only purpose of meditation cushions is to help your body with comfort while in the meditation trance.

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