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Find the Meditation Techniques That Work Best For You

Meditation may be unfamiliar to many people, but it’s been around for over 5,000 years. Although it began as a type of religious ritual for the Buddhist, it has now become a method of well being and inner peace used and prescribed by many. The way meditation works is the person gives their entire attention to one thing and doesn’t think about anything else. The goal of this it to relax and calm your mind. Of all the forms of tranquility and peace available (drugs, alcohol, love, etc.), meditation is the most long-lived and permanent.

Meditation as well as meditation techniques is actually an art of consciousness, where we are aware of only what we are concentrating on at the time. There are many different meditation techniques available. Although meditation is not yet referred to as a science, it is being researched more and more due to some positive results that have been proven in helping with physical problems. One such instance is brain scans showing that meditation change the way the brain is working and feeling. As of yet, this is still in research stages, but different medication techniques have been tried for many years with patients dealing with many stress-related ailments.

There are different meditation techniques, each with their own method and benefits. After you’ve been doing meditation, you will probably have tried a few different meditation techniques and have found one you like best. The classic setting method of meditation is probably the most effective for many people. Although some will choose to sit motionless for hours, others don’t find this necessary. Your meditation should take place in a quiet room where there will be no disturbances. Many choose to sit cross-legged on the floor while others enjoy a recliner. Your eyes can be open, slightly open to allow a little light in or half open. If you choose to meditate with your eyes closed, make sure there is a light on in the room so light can get through your eyelids so your brain will remain alert. The purpose behind this is that when your eyes are closed, your brain begins to shut down and get ready for “sleep mode”. For meditation to work, you should be relaxed like you are sleeping yet be fully awake.

Another method some like to use is the sit-stand methods, which has you sitting quietly for fifteen minutes, then standing for two minutes, sitting for fifteen and so forth for a total of 49 minutes. This method can be done three or four times each day. This method eliminates cramping of the legs, which many experience after sitting for a long time as well as teaching how to meditate in motion.

The use of a recliner also works very well for meditation. The chair should be reclined in a medium recline and your shoes and socks should be off. Many are able to meditate for up to two hours with recliner method technique.