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Menopause Sufferers Use More Alternative Medicine

A recent survey indicates that there are more menopause alternative medicine forms than there are pharmaceutical forms of hormone therapy. This comes as no surprise to those in the know about the dangers of hormone replacement therapy. The risks involved with HRT have made the news time and time again, and women are now quite cautious about the kinds of medicines they take for their symptoms.

Several things make menopause more alternative medicine friendly. The symptoms of menopause are many and varied, and pharmaceutical medications cannot possibly help all the more than 70 percent of women who are suffering from the typical and the not so typical changes that menopause causes to happen in their mind and body.

Herbs make menopause more alternative medicine adaptive. There are many herbs which are quite useful for the symptoms of menopause. Here are a few of the ones that seem to be tried and true.

Black Cohosh works wonders on hot flashes. Many women swear by this herb, and it is found in many over the counter menopause remedies… It is also very good for cramps, as it seems to affect the uterus in a positive way.
Dong Quai contains plant estrogens that work just as well as synthetic ones. These natural hormones, which have the name of phytosterols, help make menopause sufferers believe more in alternative medicine and its powers once they see how effective they can be.
Ginkgo Biloba is quite a useful herb, relieving the fatigue, depression, and forgetfulness that seems to go hand in hand with menopause. Ginkgo has been proven to give you rapid energy and improve the circulation of the blood.
Red Clover can also be made into a tea. It is especially useful for problems with the ovaries. Menopause can be more bearable with an alternative medicine such as this.
Sage is the perfect remedy for hot flashes. It can also help to relieve the night sweats that plague menopausal women day and night. Sage tea can be delicious! Also, look for fresh sage at your grocery store the fresher, the better. You can use the herb on salads, in vegetables, soups, and stews.
Saw Palmetto is quite popular in alternative medicine circles. It is great for fluid retention and will also help to cure urinary tract infections.
Sarsaparilla, the same kind made popular in soft drinks of long ago, is a energy booster that can help to boost the sex drive, which often needs a bit of help during the change of life. Perhaps this is why menopause sufferers enjoy this herb more than a lot of the other alternative medicines.

Women who are going through menopause use more varieties of alternative medicine than most, but since the symptoms are different for each person, remedies for each one are a necessity to help them through this often difficult period.

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