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Music Therapy Autism and Children

Music therapy Autism is a very important part of the treatment for this serious disease. Most the music therapy autism patients are children and this makes the application of the treatments even more integral to the successful results of the therapy. Since Autism is generally discovered in children three years old or younger, many Autism patients begin treatment at a very young age. This is quite beneficial as there is some research to suggest that early treatment of Autism can greatly improve the child’s ability to function on his own in a more “normal” way. Music therapy autism is generally used with children and even sometimes with children as young as three to five years of age because a child can appreciate music at a young age.

Of course, not all types of music therapy can be used in young autism patients. Those treatments that need coordinated actions and activities might be too advanced for young children. But other types of music therapy can be used to treat autism in children. For example, some methods of music therapy for Autism patients are used to engage the patient; some children respond well to this type of music therapy autism.

The reason music therapy autism is used with children is because there is a very high success rate. Autistic children tend to have extremely high aptitudes for music. They are unusually talented in the music area, and many are natural instrument players and singers. By using music therapy to treat Autism, music therapists can help the Autistic child build his or her language skills.

Music therapists will play a musical note and the child will respond by singing the same note. There has been extensive research on this phenomenon and some of the research even shows that some of the children in the studies even progress past just singing a solitary note. Music therapy autism treatments are used to teach autistic children who cannot communicate in more than grunts or hums to form small words. This technique was researched in one study where a therapist matched combinations of consonants and vowels to musical notes and taught an Autistic child to speak simple words by singing them.

Similar techniques are used to help Autistic children to communicate in more complex ways as well. Music therapy autism professionals will create repetitive songs that they teach to the child. The words of the song create a way for the child to communicate his wants and needs through singing. The repetitive nature of the songs works with the way the Autistic mind understands and remembers things.

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