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Obtaining an Online Christian Music Therapy Degree

In today’s fast-track world, there are many people who wish to change careers but find they do not have time to get the education they need to make that career change. Of course, most of these people choose online degree programs from accredited universities. Because of the popularity of online degree programs, an interested person can obtain almost any degree online. One of the degree programs with burgeoning popularity is the online Christian music therapy degree.

While finding a degree program that is specifically an online Christian music therapy degree program, potential students who are interested in this type of degree can get a general music therapy degree and then apply the techniques of Christian music to their personal music therapy practices.

If this is the type of degree you want to pursue, do not search for such a specific topic such as an online Christian music therapy degree. Instead, look at online universities that offer a music therapy program. Most universities have online undergraduate and master’s programs available for students interested in any type of music therapy degree, including an online Christian music therapy degree.

An online Christian music therapy degree or any music therapy degree starts with an undergraduate degree in music or in music therapy. If an interested student has not achieved a degree from an accredited university, or if the student does not have music therapy background, he or she will want to start with an undergraduate music therapy degree. This degree will include education in major subjects like health, music, and behavioral studies as well as several degree-specific music therapy classes. When searching for a degree program, prospective students will want to be sure that the programs they are looking into have been approved by the National Association of Schools of Music, and also by the American Music Therapy Association. This will make sure that graduates of that university’s music therapy program will be eligible to take the certification exam given by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

For students who are continuing their music therapy education, some schools offer a master’s degree online. This is very beneficial for those who want to further their current online Christian music therapy degree or general music therapy degree. As with most master’s programs in other educational departments, a master’s in music therapy focuses on theory, research, and practice. The master’s courses expand on the knowledge obtained in the music therapy undergrad program, so it is essential for an incoming student to have general formal knowledge of music therapy, which is often limited to a bachelor’s online Christian music therapy degree or other bachelor’s in music therapy.

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