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Picking Yoga Clothing

Yoga is designed to foster flexibility, stress relief, and relaxation, which means that the clothing you choose to wear while practicing yoga should help you to achieve these goals. Yoga clothes should be comfortable, breathable, and should allow you to move freely in a variety of different poses. Clothing that is too tight will restrict your movement and will not allow you the full range of mobility needed by yoga movements. Loose fitting clothes as well as stretchy leotard type outfits are best suited for yoga outfits as they will allow you a full range of motion.
Even though yoga is a low impact and relaxing exercise, you still need support when practicing yoga. Women should wear a comfortable and supportive sports bra and anyone with joint problems should wear some type of joint support. It is also a good idea to wear clothing that absorbs or wicks away moisture because it is possible to work up a sweat doing challenging poses. If you are a beginner to yoga you should also consider wearing shorts so you can better see your feet, ankles, and knees and learn how to properly align them.
Many people enjoy yoga because of it helps to build self esteem and boost self image. It’s ok to want to look the part and feel great in your yoga clothes, but skip the fancy form fitting outfits that will restrict your movement and hinder you from learning the correct breathing techniques. It is possible to look great and trendy in comfy sweats and tops, and no matter how chic you want your clothes to be, make comfort your number one priority.
Some people wear shoes while practicing yoga, either by choice of because the class needs it. You should pick your yoga shoes with the same things in mind as your yoga clothes, comfort and flexibility. Rigid yoga shoes will not give you the full range of motion needed to master challenging yoga poses. Make sure your feet can flex in all directions when trying on yoga shoes and that there are no points that pinch or rub.
Yoga is about total mind and body fitness and nothing will make you feel better than looking your best while you tone your body. You should enjoy your yoga clothes but also be able to experience all the benefits of a full range of motion.

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