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Pictures Of Iridology Can Point To Potential Physical Problems

Iridology is a form of alternative medicine that seeks neither to diagnosis or treat. Instead, this science involves the screening for potential medical issues that might benefit from preventative measures or more hands-on diagnosis and treatment. Like a blood pressure screening, iridology seeks to determine if something could be wrong or if something might go wrong within the body. This is achieved through pictures of iridology subject matter.

Pictures of iridology focus on the iris of a patient’s eye. It is believed that the iris will give an indication of problems or potential problems within the body even before symptoms arise. Inasmuch, those who practice this form of alternative medicine use pictures of iridology as a screening tool to find or stave off potential issues.

Pictures of iridology are taken using a rather complicated camera. In most cases, the camera used to take pictures of iridology is fiber optic in nature and performs in much the same manner as an eye doctor’s screening machine. The resulting images are high resolution, highly detailed images of a patient’s iris.

Once pictures have been taken, they are carefully reviewed for anomalies, such as specks, spots or lines. Any anomalies are studied and examined to record the exact location where they are found, their coloration and even their shape. After this is done, the recorded information is compared to a specialized iridology chart.

An iridology chart is nothing more than a detailed image of an eyeball that shows which portions of the iris correspond to certain body parts. It is believed that different portions of the iris display problems within different regions of the body. An anomaly found in a particular portion of the iris, for example, might indicate an issue with the thyroid gland. A spot found in a different location could indicate potential problems with the heart, lungs and so on.

Pictures of iridology are used to screen for potential problems. They are simply not meant as diagnostic tools. They can, however, serve as very important tools for finding issues in their infancy or even preventing them from arising with symptoms all together.

In most countries where iridology is practiced, this scientific pursuit is heavily overseen by licensing organizations and membership-based groups. These groups, such as the International College of Iridology, work to advance this study and set standards for its practice.

Pictures of iridology can serve as a first line of defense against a host of medical conditions. When a skilled practitioner examines the eyes and any found anomalies, it is often suggested that more in-depth procedures take place in regard to actual diagnosis.

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