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Is There a Prescription for Natural Healing?

The question as to whether there is a prescription for natural healing is something that may be worth thinking about. Since natural healing is an alternative kind of medicine, it is not likely that you can get a prescription for natural healing. Isn’t a prescription a written order by a licensed physician for a certain treatment or medication? If only licensed medical experts who practice conventional and modern medicine issue prescriptions, how can there be a prescription for natural healing?

When the word prescription is defined, it actually means a few things. It can mean a formula that directs a person to prepare something. The word prescription can also mean a prescribed treatment or medication, which can mean a whole world of different things. Therefore, it is highly possible that a prescription for natural healing does exist. In reality, there is a book that goes by the title Prescription for Natural Healing, and this book focuses on the science of preventative as well as natural medicine. It contains numerous guides on how to care for oneself with proper diet, exercise and bodywork, as well as advice on the use of natural alternatives in place of modern medicines through the consumption and application of herbs that are effective in curing ailments.

A prescription for natural healing can also mean a guide to natural living. In this sense, it encourages the use of natural substances to cure the different ailments that people suffer from as well as help maintain a healthy life. Such a prescription includes a list of the many different common illnesses in the world and the natural remedies for these illnesses. The phrase prescription for natural healing can also mean a single recipe used for healing one particular ailment and it can be given by a natural healing guru or someone who practices natural healing methods on himself. He may teach you how to overcome a certain ailment with the help of a home made recipe of herbs and natural ingredients, and this may be easily called a prescription because it fits the description of what a prescription is.

There are many different ways to interpret the phrase prescription for natural healing, but generally, emphasis is being placed on the word natural. People who wish to get a prescription for natural healing can look for a list of recipes that will help cure ailments the natural way, a guide to natural living, or even a single recipe for a specific ailment. It is important that you know what remedies you need before you try out any particular prescription for natural healing.

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