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Essential Reference Books For Herbal Medicine Manufacturers

Reference books for herbal medicine manufacturers are one of the most important items that anyone who creates medicinal herbal formulations or prescribes them can have on their bookshelves. Today, with almost 80% of the world population using herbal medicine for some aspect of primary health care according to the World Health Organization, it becomes increasingly important that medicine manufacturers and health care providers stay up-to-date by keeping the latest reference books for herbal medicine manufacturers and research papers written for herbal medicine manufacturers within reach. It is also imperative that they know the books and research papers so they know where to look at a moments notice for the correct information.

The importance of up-to-date reference material

Choosing the best reference books for herbal medicine manufacturers is an important decision because the most current information is a must in the field of medicine. Research is continually being conducted on the properties, uses and effectiveness of herbal medicines and is generally available in the newest reference books or the latest research papers which should be added to a folder for quick reference. A good reference book is absolutely essential to the success of any herbal medicine manufacturers or physicians business and should contain scientifically rigorous, impartial information on commonly used herbs as well as those that are not so common. Color photographs that show the chemical structures of the plant materials as well as photographs of the plant and the crude drug material are essential. It is important to choose a book that has scholarly information that comprehensively references the phytochemical, pharmacological and clinical aspects of each herb profiled. Basic information that the book should contain includes the uses of the herbs, standard doses, evidence of efficacy, adverse effects, contradictions, drug interactions and if the herb is suitable for use during pregnancy or lactation. Good reference books for herbal medicine manufacturers need to be written by experts in the field.

Beyond reference books

Because new information on herbal remedies is important both to herbal manufacturers and physicians it is important that anyone who works with herbal medicine have immediate access to sources besides reference books for the most recent, reliable information. The Food and Drug Administration website at http://cdn.fda.gov/ is one of the numerous resources that will have the most up to date information readily available. Research papers from various medical organizations are another great source of updated information.

Herbal medicine manufacturers, physicians that deal in traditional Western medicine or alternative medicine, as well as anyone else who dabbles in the field of herbal medicine need to invest in a good reference books for herbal medicine manufacturers for their own knowledge and piece of mind.

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