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Reflexology Points of Interest

Reflexology is a healing art that has been practiced since ancient times. Specific areas on the hands and feet correspond to nerve endings that supply neuronal pathways to the various organ systems of the body. There are many reflexology points of interest; just like our ears and eyes perceive the world around us, the skin on the hands and feet are much more than sense organs. Information can be sent to the specific organs through the nerve pathways when specific areas of the hands or feet are touched, massaged and manipulated.

One of the fascinating reflexology points of interest is that you can relieve a sinus headache by applying pressure to the ends of your toes. Your second, third, fourth and little toe on both feet are connected to the nerves in your head and sinuses. The next time you have a bad sinus headache, before you reach for a pain reliever try gently squeezing the end of your toes for a few minutes. It only takes a few minutes, try it for 15 minutes. Better yet, if you have a partner, ask him/her to do this for you. It always feels good to get your feet rubbed, and during the foot massage ask to have special attention applied to the ends of your toes. It always feels better when someone else does it, but you can do it yourself also.

There are many reflexology points of interest; the crease next to the last two toes and the sole of the foot is the neuronal route to the ears. So if you have an earache, rub this area. Apply some gentle pressure to this area on both feet. Each foot represents half of the body, when you have an earache in your left ear; rub the area adjacent to your 4th and pinky toes and the sole on your left foot. Take your time massaging that area and feel the pain start to fade away.

One of the many other reflexology points of interest, the area adjacent to the 2nd and 3rd toe and the sole of the foot, is the neuronal route to the eyes. If you have eye strain, gently rub with kneading pressure in this area. If you have someone to do this for you, just close your eyes and relax and enjoy this for a few minutes.

On the hands, reflexology points of interest, is the area between the index finger and middle finger on both hands. This area corresponds with the eyes also; therefore if you don’t have a partner to massage and apply pressure to your feet, and you don’t want to do it yourself, you can relieve your eye strain by massaging this area with gentle pressure. Just close your eyes and massage this area on the anterior side of your hand between the first and second fingers and the palm of your hand. To relieve eye strain on both eyes remember to massage this area on both hands. This technique is especially helpful for people who work in front of a computer screen for hours at a time. It really does relax the eyes and makes you feel fresh, like you have had a nap.

If you would like to learn more about reflexology points of interest there are many books out on the subject. The book, Complete Reflexology for Life, written by Barbara Kunz is reviewed as being very easy to understand; the directions of how to administer the healing techniques are easy to follow. There are many sources of education to learn about this healing art. There are DVDs on the market and there are many videos on Youtube that you can watch to learn more about this form of holistic healing.

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