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Reiki Attunements What Level Do You Want?

If you’ve heard the term reiki attunements and are wondering what that means, this short article will give you an idea. Reiki attunements are the process of how you become a reiki practitioner. Being attuned to reiki after the reiki attunements means you then have the permanent ability to easily access the universal life force or reiki. You access this life force (energy) as a means to help others heal.
Reiki attunements can be given onlyby a Reiki master. There are many self-help books on the market today that say you can give yourself reiki attunements. That may be so, but you have to question if reading a book and trying to chant a few words without the assistance of someone who is knowledgeable about reiki really does work. Reiki attunements need to be done with respect and care, and in a certain order. These things are not always spelled out in a book. You be the judge of that after you have done your research about reiki attunements.
The reiki attunements process is really a celebration of spirit yours, the reiki Master’s and Spirit with a capital S – the Spirit from whom the universal life force energy flows. During the reiki attunements ceremony, the reiki Master uses the appropriate Reiki symbols and other gestures in a certain prescribed way. What this does is creates an energy pattern around you of the attunement which attunes YOUR energy field to the energies that are represented by the symbols.
Once the attunements process/ceremony is done, you are permanently attuned to the universal life force energy, which makes you a reiki practitioner.
Here is a quick, although not complete, overview of what the reiki master does to attune you. First they ground and center themselves and instruct the student to do the same. Tell them to expect just about anything when the attunement is completed. The Master then stands in front of you holding their hands up high at shoulder height with palms facing forward. The Master will circle you once and then stand behind you.
The ceremony has two halves one done behind you and one in front. The Master raises her left palm to place it next to your head and with the right hand draws the appropriate symbols over your crown. The Master then goes to the front of you and takes your hands between their own and draws the symbols over the hands (chanting the names of each three times).
They visualize the master symbol in violet and lightly blow twice from the base chakra to the crown chakra, and lightly touch the third eye (forehead). While at the forehead the symbols are drawn once more along with the chanting. Your hands are gently separated and the master symbol is visualized again along with the gentle blowing from base to crown chakras.
This article is designed to just give you a few of the basics of attunements. If you wish further information on the attunement ceremony, you can find it on the Internet or by asking a certified reiki Master.

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