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Reiki Hands To Have and to Hold

Do you have reiki hands? In other words, reiki hands that can channel the universal life force energy given them from a reiki attunement? Reiki hands are a simple but highly effective form of hands on healing with an energy modality. Reiki is a holistic helping therapy that can work wonders on you and on others.

Reiki hands can actually be learned by anyone with an open mind and a drive and willingness to learn. Bottom line is reiki and the use of reiki hands is a spiritual practice which does not really belong to any religion, but comes instead directly from the ultimate Divine Source. Now you may be thinking that is a lot of hogwash. We highly recommend you try it. It will not hurt you, and you will then experience for yourself what this healing art is really about.

Are there other healing modalities that use energy? Yes, but reiki and reiki hands differ because they need you to receive an attunement to be able to fulfill your abilities. It’s not difficult, and can make some really powerful changes in your life and in your ability to help others.

Reiki and as a consequence of being attuned, your reiki hands, give you the ability to channel the universal life force or to put it another way, channel the energy of life. It is the energy that is within us and around us. It is actually in the very air we breathe and it is also the energy that makes up every living thing on the planet.

Working with reiki and our reiki hands, we are channeling this energy into a person to move stagnant energy that has built up. This stagnant energy if it is not cleared will result in energy blocks in your body. This is when disease and/or illness starts.

Wondering what the root cause of stagnant energy is? It is physical, emotional or spiritual issues from either the past or the present that have not been dealt with. This is not to say that every illness is due to an energy block, because anyone can get a bad cold or sinus infection. However, having said that, reiki will even help you deal with a sinus infection. Reiki energy is smart and goes where it is needed in the body. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

Being able to channel reiki can and does change your life in ways you never thought possible. Oh the changes may be subtle at first, but over time you will see a pattern in the things you start to do. You will slowly change things around you to harmonize your own spiritual energies. You will learn life’s lessons in a different way than you did before, and you will learn to heal intuitively yourself and others. Don’t be surprised if once you have taken the road to reiki enlightenment, that you find yourself experiencing other unusual things of a spiritual nature.

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