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Reiki Master the Keeper of the Keys

The Reiki Master is the keeper of the keys so to speak of the symbols that will unlock access to the universal life force energy. In reiki the reiki master mean teacher. The reiki master is also considered by most to have come far enough along in their own development that they have fewer things to trouble them lifestyle and belief wise. In other words, fewer things that take time and energy away from the reiki master in living a life of reiki beliefs experienced to the fullest.

By no means does the designation reiki master imply that it is an ego trip or to be used to manipulate others. This is a position of serious honor and is to be treated as such. A reiki master is in a unique position to transfer (attune) others to the universal life force energy and teach the correct positions to use and the right way to honor reiki as a healing art.

Do you have to be spiritually oriented to be a reiki master? It doesn’t hurt if you are, but by no means is it a needment to base your life on spiritual practices to be a reiki master. However, above all else, you must have the respect and discretion to use the power of reiki for the greatest good to be a reputable reiki master. The whole point of being a reiki master is that you are able to deal with your own energy field and not interfere with the path of another being. This is applicable at lower levels of reiki as well.

The whole philosophy of reiki really is to “NOT” interfere with other beings. They are all here to attain their own journey for their soul. You are not here to judge them, only to help them attain their goals if you can. Of course they must come to you and ask to be helped. You may offer help, but only three times and then leave things up to them. Reiki is about the deepest of respect and honor for others. You never give a treatment of any kind or attunement of any kind without permission.

Your master need to be a person who is dedicated to reiki and who can teach you one-on-one about the ins and outs of reiki. It looks easy, and when you get started, it is easy. The part that takes your dedication and commitment is the adherence to the honor of dealing respectfully with the life force energy you are now capable of channeling to others, including animals, plants etc. You must have a deep belief in the concept of the power of reiki and use it only for the highest good.

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