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Reiki Therapy for the Troubled Soul

Reiki therapy is for anyone! It’s just that simple period! But here are the questions that many seem to have. How does it work? Is it really any more complex than say microwave energy? Does it really work? And the biggest one is those that approach you and say “Prove it!” A happy challenge indeed! Reiki therapy won’t hurt any one and can actually help them if they are open to being helped. That is fairly critical. You can’t give reiki therapy (life force energy) to someone who is not interested in it or who does not want it.
Do you realize we are all born with the latent ability to heal? Taking Reiki, allows us to begin using that talent. And once we begin to use that latent talent, we can give reiki therapy to others. Sure there will be questions asked of you, since for some reiki therapy will be akin to reading tea leaves. Be patience and show them the benefits. Your reiki therapy will speak louder than any arguments you may have. You can’t force someone through an argument to have reiki therapy, you can only teach by doing.
Many people do not realize that there is an unseen energy that flows all around us. In fact, it flows through ALL living things. It’s a simple premise but one we don’t seem to spend too much time thinking about. However, for thousands of years, energy healers have been using this life force energy through the “laying on of hands”. And no it’s not a farce or mystical. It just IS! The universal life force energy is what practitioners tap into when giving reiki therapy.
Reiki therapy is a gentle, non-invasive technique you can use for any illness. It has been shown to relax, comfort and heal as well as ease pain. It really can’t be learned from a book. There are too many things that can fall through the cracks of the learning process. And since reiki and the life force energy are to be dealt with in a manner of great respect and deference, learning from a book takes away from that process, that celebration of spirit. A book can’t explain to you what a reiki Master can explain as you are learning.
Once you have received an attunement for your level from the reiki Master, you will have this ability for life. It’s an amazing experience and will change your life in very powerful ways. The attunement will wake up your healing abilities and allow you to help to heal others, and yourself.
Is reiki easy to learn and use? Yes, it just takes a special commitment and open mind and respect for all things spiritual. And once you start down the path to reiki enlightenment, you will see what an enormous difference you can make in not only your own life but the lives of others.

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